Life-long learning - Fr. Dong!

Life-long learning - Fr. Dong!
Life-long learning - Fr. Dong!

What's the secret of true Salesian ONGOING (CONTINUOUS) formation?

During my third encounter for the FIS - Philippines South (CEBU province) next provincial consultation meeting (Sept 20, Negros Island) i reached yesterday the first Salesian school in the Philippines - VICTORIAS (1951).

There is a nice 8 SDB strong community, with two practical trainees - and one of them is from Vietnam (Br Hoan on the picture). Thanks to Fr. Dong (a 'strong' and very friendly, easy to be approached-personality on both pictures) his English is improving day by day. Indeed Fr. Donato (DONG) is famous for past 10 years to accompany with patience many of the practical trainees sent from Vietnam to Cebu in their first steps of English learning. 

In the same time after lunch (when was the other picture taken) I was able to see fr. Dong receiving a literacy lesson about the social media by the parish priest of St.Joseph the Worker Salesian parish of Victorias - Fr. Joemar. Indeed not all who are experts in languages are good in the IT...

What is the secret of ongoing formation?

There are many factors.

But probably the most important is a humble heart and open mind, to learn every day something new - in order to serve better the others.

Evviva Fr. Dong!

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