Don Bosco's Asian voice (first meeting of Salesian translators)

Don Bosco's Asian voice (first meeting of Salesian translators)

Praise be to God!

Three very intense days of East Asia - Oceania Salesian translators meeting (October 9-11).

23 Salesian Family members (SDB, FMA and 4 lay mission partners) coming from Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam (9 of the 22 EAO countries) did contribute to this historical event.

1.      Meaningful insights about the importance and dynamics of the Salesian translation ministry

·         Since the arrival of Saint Louis Versiglia and the first missionaries to Macau (1906) until now the growth of Salesian Charism and it’s rooting in our Region was helped by hundreds of missionaries and local Salesians (Salesian Family members and Lay Mission Partners) who offered invaluable service of translation (both of written texts or simultaneous translation

·         A spirituality of Salesian translator was acknowledged as a very important element in sustaining his ministry (virtues of patience, humility, ongoing research and learning of both languages).

·         Many of the Salesian translation texts are already available on the Salesian Digital Library (sections: Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Tetum, Thai, Vietnamese etc).

·         The ministry is not only about translating Salesian sources (Don Bosco) and actual texts (Rector Major and different documents related to Salesian life and ministry in all main sectors) from Italian or English into EAO vernacular languages. It comprises also translations of local (EAO) expressions of Salesian Charism into main languages of the Congregation and contributes to the growth of world-wide Salesian community (C59).


2.      Sharing of good practices highlighted some interesting provincial achievement

·         Vietnam: all confreres in initial formation are requested to try some minor translation from English to Vietnamese from the prenovitiate. Numerous translations (including already 12 volumes of the Biographical memoirs of Don Bosco) and many enthusiastic SDB translators are fruit of this tradition.

·         Thailand: province has an ‘official translator’ (since 2003) appointed by the provincial, who does not only translate main official documents of the Rector Major but also shares is on weekly basis on Youtube channel (….. web address).

·         Korea: provincial commission on translation helps to improve the translation standard and the synergy among all sector involved in the process (social communication, Youth ministry, economy, translator and publisher…)

·         China: during past 108 years of Salesian presence there were numerous missionaries and Chinese involved in translation ministry. Thanks to the meeting one younger confrere was appointed as new generation translator before the K’Long encounter – workshop.

St. Jerome, Patron of Translators, pray for us!



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