Celebrating the 200th birthday of Don Bosco helps us to inspire the best energies of the whole Salesian Family - also in TIMOR LESTE capital of Dili.

Salesian Cooperators started their most recent history in 1996..

ONE wonderful evening with the ACS center (only in the country) 42 ACS with promise , 14 aspirants, 20 young cooperators pre-aspirants (20years old)
1996 first formation started, 2006 first group made the promise
2013 most recent promise - total present number of 43 ACS with promise (1 ACS passed away)
2015 - great hope to start a new province of ACS in TIMOR LESTE (two possible centers under formation in the SDB parishes of Venilale and Quelicai, diocese of Baucau)
- Delegate SDB (Fr. Apolinario, vicar of the provincial) and delegate FMA
with the local center councilors (incomplete)
- 3 of the 20 young pre-aspirants ACS (children of the ACS!) also presented composed song offered to DB
- Newspaper with SF news made by the ACS professional journalist (August 26) about the DB 200 in Timor
- Conference with the EAO regional councilor SDB in the provincial house (Francis - Evangelii Gaudium, ACS new PAL, vocation perspective in Timor)
- Sharing of the ACS (what did change in your life after the promise?)
- Sharing of the ACS (main obstacles for the vocation promotion of ACS in Timor? - not adequate formation of SDB/FMA regarding ACS vocation or multiple belonging to many parish groups as excuse of some SDB not to foster the ACS in their community; some senior SDB just sent away some ACS candidates gathered during the ACS vocation campaign
out of Dili...
Very good family spirit, presence of Fr. Provincial Joao Paolino Gutteres and some 40+ ACS and aspirants (prayer, conference, dialogue, dinner, songs and sharing about future perspective

Thanks to God and many enthusiastic people in Dili...

Comoro, October 21, 2014

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