Forming Polynesian Don Bosco!

Forming Polynesian Don Bosco!
Forming Polynesian Don Bosco!

Beatiful sunny day in Melbourne, Clifton Hill Don Bosco House community.

Eleven Salesians from 7 different countries (Australia, Samoa + Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Timor Leste and Thailand) are forming an international formation community which started slowly in 2002. St. John Parish was entrusted to the Salesians only in 2006.   All of them study or teach at the ACU (Australian Catholic University) + CTC (Catholic Theological College) just 25 minutes walking distance.

Join formation commission (Australia and Pacific) in the afternoon of November 6 brought together the vibrant reality of Pacific Islanders vocations (Samoa, Fiji and Tonga) together with a new vocational spring of Australian SDB vocations, coming from the Don Bosco schools and active involvement in the Youth ministry (Cagliero project of missionary volunteers or the Australian Salesian Youth Mentor group).

Paselio is a young Samoan priest, at present in charge of prenovice and aspirant formation in Samoa (Alafua). His 2012 one year course of spiritual direction in Melbourne (Heart of Life spirituality center: http://www.heartoflife.abundance.org.au) was very helpful in his formation ministry.

During the 2hrs long formation commission meeting (formators of Australian, Vietnamese and Samoan origin, 4 priests and one Salesian Brother) shared the concern in accompaniment of numerous vocation

4 prenovices in Samoa and 1 prenovice in Melbourne

2 novices in Fiji (one Australian and 1 Samoan)

6 postnovices (2 in Samoa and 4 in Fiji: Philosophy or Education studies)

1 practical trainee in Samoa

6 theology students (1 in Fiji - from Tonga; 5 in Melbourne - 2 Timorese, 1 Indian missionary for Cambodia, 2 Thais)

With a prayer for all concerned, just few days before the EAO regional formation encounter in Korea. 

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