How to form new Don Bosco of 21st century?

How to form new Don Bosco of 21st century?
How to form new Don Bosco of 21st century?

Seoul, 13-16 November 2014

After a succesfull 3 days meeting of 10 provincial delegates of formation (EAO 2014) and one day of break there was a very succesful 4 days of FORMATION OF FORMATORS.

Thanks to the previous hard work of the EAO mobile team (for ongoing formation) which was transformed in past few years into the EAO formation team, based in Manila-Paranaque - the smooth, organized and well thought programs on the regional level well shared.

Much appreciated were the three talks about the Profile of the authentic Salesian of Don Bosco for the 21st century - prepared by fr. Ivo  - MYSTIC in the SPIRIT (RMG), fr. Mariano - PROPHET of FRATERNITY (MYM) and fr. Fung - SERVANT of the YOUNG (CIN).

Serious commitment to formation work, good consistency and continuity in formation (due to stability of formators) and open - collaborative spirit among the 28 formators was felt very much.

Main topics shared: need for well prepared spiritual guides in each province, need for more detailed path for psycho-sexual affective maturity of our formands, more systematic care about the ongoing formation (there is still some provinces without any annual regular opportunity of on-going formation - apart of annual retreat).

The presence of one Japanese novice and five Korean novices (together for few days) was very much appreciated. For the new Councilor for formation is was a precious 10 days long opportunity to experience East Asian Culture and specific formation set up of Korean province (including his talk in the Dong-Kuk University about Lonergan method thanks to his Korean friend connection). 

The experience of Seoul starting with the Royal Palace, Kim Chi Festival, Cultural items upto the Myong Dong Cathedral was the bonus after the hard work of all participants on Sunday (Nov 17) afternoon...

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