EAO student diaspora shares Don Bosco Year experience

EAO student diaspora shares Don Bosco Year experience

Rome, Salesian pontifical university  - EAO diaspora students (+one professor!)

December 6, 2014

As every semester, also last Saturday there was a simple Eucharist at the UPS in ROME with the regional  councilor and all EAO students who were able to be there (in fact one community was just on the monthly recollection at la Pisana... but there is nothing perfect in this world..)

To celebrate the Eucharist with a personal sharing is of great value.

To share during the Eucharist gives to our sharing more meaning and the right environment.

After sharing the EAO prayer card, the picture of late Fr. Aldo Cipriani (GIA) and highlithing some recent 5 months  long journey experiences all of us (=9 priests and one deacon) from Vietnam (2), Papua New Guinea - Solomon Islands delegation (1), Korea (3), Mayanmar (1), Timor Leste (1) and Indonesia (1) - shared some deep personal experience:

From the two recent pilgrim groups (VIETNAM) to the Holy Places of Don Bosco - never enough to stay at Valdocco!

After few months in Rome realized how far are we (=EAO region) geographically and in other sense too - far from Rome and Valdocco. Probably next Christmas break a short visit to Becchi will be fruit of this awareness.

Struggles with language, with studies, with short period of time remaining still in Rome to finish the course.

Preparation for the fast coming priestly ordination (January 18,2015) in the home place...

Asking prayers for the incoming Malaysia new frontier operation...

Living close to those great men of the Congregation like late Fr. Pietro Braido.. (that old man...)...


At the moment there are in ROME:

UPS based: 4 EAO missionaries (2 PNG-SI, Pakistan and Mongolia), 4 Korean SDB (canon law, Catechetics - Pedagogy, Social communication and Salesian spirituality), 2 ITM confreres (social communication, spirituality), 1 professor of Canon Law (Vietnam) , 1 MYM confrere (education - school), 1 VIE confrere (catechetics)

Testaccio based: 1 FIN (Holy Scriptures)

Gerini based theology student: 1 ITM, 1 VIE, 1 CIN

Jerusalem based theology student: 1 CIN, 1 VIE... 



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