Don Bosco in dialogue with the EAO

Don Bosco in dialogue with the EAO
Don Bosco in dialogue with the EAO

Christmas 2014 is coming soon.

This morning we started the 7 days of the Christmas countdown (Dec 17-24) and I was able to share the Japanese DB 200 celebrations poster with the SUNFLOWER symbol, to be always turned towards the living SUN - JESUS CHRIST born from the Virgin Mary, assuming all of our weak humanity (with the exception of sins). 

As usual, every 6 months, there is the NEW PROVINCIAL course in the general house, this time with 12 provincials from 4 continents, among them also the new provincial of FIN - Manila, Fr. Paul and of KOR-Seoul, Fr. Stefano.

There is the 'class' every morning and afternoon, and there are every evening also personal talks - to the Rector Major, his Vicar and all 4 councilors of the sectors! In spite of this 'tough schedule', there is enough of fraternal time - to pray and share together, to discuss some important elements in the life of the province and it's animation and governance. Starting from Youth ministry, Formation, Social communication, Missions, Economy and Salesian Family up to juridical elements of the government (persmissions, authorization, dispensations... how to get in, how to separate from the Society etc).

Due to the communication challenge, I was asked to interpret (simultaneous translation) for both EAO new provincials.  It was a very fraternal time of deep sharing, with one common point - the Rector major doing every effort to get the grasp of the dynamics of each province (LISTENING) and his reminder about the main priorities of the Salesian radical approach to the Gospel: becoming poor Salesian serving the poor youth - especially through the POOREST YOUTH - who will save the Salesians!

This occasion is for me a very good time to pray and remember all other eight EAO provincials and pray for them!

With a very grateful heart for all Salesians who are involved in the service of authority, especially on the provincial level!

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