Don Bosco CHRIST-mass in Indonesia

Don Bosco CHRIST-mass in Indonesia
Don Bosco CHRIST-mass in Indonesia

Christmas 2014 celebrated in Idonesia - Jakarta, Parish of St. John Bosco

December 25 - finally arrived from Rome - just to celebrate the youth animated Mass in our Jakarta parish, with the presence of four different groups of the Salesian Family, few hundreds of youngsters and the whole SDB community of the postnovitiate.

December 26 - we had the new provincial consultation sessions in Tigaraksa and Wisma, last finished at 11 PM, really done with devotion, depth and community - family dynamics.

December 27 - the usual Jakarta Salesian Family day, this year for the first time also with the Don Bosco Solidarity network (Don Bosco Friends) celebrated in the postnovitiate. Eucharist, Games, Meal and Singing together with some Christmas dances and songs.. Really everybody enjoyed and participated.

The posted pictures of broken-color-glass decorations was the most striking experience. In the parish compound five different sets, in the postnovitiate house some 4 different cribs (the most attractive - Jesus, Bless Jakarta!) 

Really this year the Christmas celebrations are a wonderful gift of the Lord, thank you Jesus!

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