Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong

Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong
Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong


Who are you?

Just in front of the provincial house in Hong Kong is living one old man already for many years under the elevated road. As every big city in Asia, also Hong Kong streets are full of contradictions - rich and poor, hustle and busy for own profit OR just left behind the competition. 

When Pope Francis visited (by chance?) one of the street children homes in Manila last January, the whole world was watching. But there are thousand of street children and street families in any big city of our EAO region - from Sydney to Tokyo.

It's very meaningful that the PONTIFICAL COUNCIL of LAITY took as the study team for 2015 the Catholic mission in the CITY.. which is exactly the Salesian Missionary topic for 2015-2020. 

Jesus would often ask me, ask us Salesian: Where are you? How did you treat me when I'm coming to meet you in the homeless people or street children.

Good Lord, give us the charity spirit, the wisdom and courage to action - to be able to SEE you, to MEET you and to HELP you in all our big cities of the EAO (East Asia - Oceania) region, where you are alive in the streets..

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