Prayer Petition for the Promotion of the Salesian Brother Vocation

Prayer Petition for the Promotion of the Salesian Brother Vocation for December 2011 By Bro. Suwan Jutasompakorn Joseph (Thailand Province) Lord Jesus, by your inspiration our dear father Don Bosco established two equal paths of Salesian religious… more »

Prayer for the promotion of the Salesian Brother vocation:

God our Father, Source of all that is good, bestow upon our Salesian congregation the grace of increased number of vocations so that Your marvels maybe be praised in the witnessing of the Salesian Family. Grant Your blessings also upon the Salesian… more »

A thought from Fr J.B. Zen

This is a short article from Rev. Fr. John Baptist Zen, a confrere working and living in Tainan community (Taiwan). The regional Fr. Andrew Wong requested him to share his experience on personal intimacy with the Lord as the source of one’s… more »

Our fidelity

Our intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the true foundation of our fidelity to Don Bosco and to our Salesian charism. It is quite human to restrict our thinking to the tasks we have. At times this leads us to a feeling of happiness or… more »

Pentecost! (EAO)

Dear confreres and friends, I greet you all today - a very happy feast of Pentecost! Our East Asia-Oceania region is the region that has the greatest diversity in the Congregation. It is incredible to know that there are seventeen ordinarily spoken… more »