Lord Jesus, we thank you for calling Salesian Brothers to work in your mission in the Church. May in every place they exhaust their energy guarantee orderliness, morality and good works. Help them courageously face the challenges in their vocation.… more »


Intimacy! What a beautiful word to say a few words about. Just hearing the word fills my heart with joy. That joy that Don Bosco wanted in the heart of each Salesian and in each community. Years ago when I first met The Servant of God, Don Vincenzo… more »

Intimacy with the Lord

"The Father and I are one ad we shall come and make our home in you..." (St John: 10, 30) Psychologists tell us that intimacy, born in and nourished by a loving presence, is the surest guarantee of a lasting, enriching, personal relationship. Intimacy… more »

Intimacy with Jesus: the source of joyful perseverance in our Salesian vocation

This intimacy with Jesus had its first small roots in the happy days of my Salesian aspirantate. We were encouraged to make frequent visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and pray at the altar of Our Blessed Mother. What I saw in my seniors was… more »

Prayer for the Salesian Brother

"Lord Jesus, thank you for calling us as Priests and Brothers to serve the young in the Church and in the Salesian Congregation. May You inspire some more young men to follow you as Salesian Brothers. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your… more »