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Just trying out how this drop of honey looks, feels and works out at the global level....

honey by any other name would taste just as sweet??? I suppose so... and i have just been ruminating this great produce of nature... how very important it is, especially in India for not only its sweet taste, but also for its medicinal properties... it is also called by many names.. divine nectar, miraculous sweet, and the like.

Whether it is eye irritation or acidity or even a severe cough and cold... chest congestion... maybe a bout of asthama... bruised, cuts, etc... there it is... honey... the natural curative... the magic remedy.. I remember those early childhood days when I was handed out a generous two teaspoons of honey mixed with ginger juice.... before I could put brush to teeth... to help me rid of my bouts of wheezing and severe chest congestion...!!

also the very usage of the word 'honey' in the lingua inglese refers to something/someone sweet and so very delectable.. probably that's why couples refer to their partners as honey.. moms call their daughters (however brash) honey... The genius of St. Francis De Sales possibly is this .. he recognised the virtue / value of honey and proposed that a spoonful of honey would do the trick rather than a barrel of vinegar..

How very true.. how very fundamentally correct... and with good reason to... for in the present scenario when there is around us so much confusion, chaos, perplexity, tension-atmosphere, distress, wars, violence, terrorism... the youngsters.... are in this throes of congestion, cut, bruised, irritated, frustrated... and are seeking, searching for a soothing balm, a divine nectar that would wipe away the many ailments that threaten and defeat the purpose of life.... we can.. and we ought to offer them... as SDBs... generous dollops of honey.... and this is one venture we can take up .. and so let it begin with us.. with a drop of honey!!


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Yes, there sure is some interesting stuff about bees and honey in Francis de Sales’ writings. He really was observant of nature! he also tells us that ‘drones visit every flower, but gather honey from none"! Or something to that effect.
And in similar vein: “The bee not only shuns all carrion, but abhors and flies far from the faintest smell proceeding from it,” he writes in his Introduction to the Devout Life.
Francis was not alone in using bees and honey to spiritual advantage. St Teresa of Avila had her bit to offer too: “be as recollected as the wise little bee. For if no bees entered the hive and they all went about trying to bring each other in, there would not be much chance of their making any honey” (Autobiography, Chapter 15).
But of you want something really, really lyrical on the subject, try Pope Pius XII! Really! He addressed a convention of apiarists on 27th November 1948. Here is a sample of a lengthy address on the subject:
“Even the most inexperienced observer of bee culture admires the delicacy and perfection of this work. Unlike the butterfly which flits from flower to flower out of pure caprice; unlike the wasp and the hornet, brutal aggressors, who seem intent on doing only harm with no benefit for anyone, the bee pierces to the very depths of the flower’s calix diligently, adroitly, and so delicately, that once its precious treasure has been gathered, it gently leaves the flowers without having injured in the least the light texture of their garments or caused a single one of their petals the loss of its immaculate freshness".
Beat that if you can!

24/08/09 @ 09:33
Comment from: Castilino  

Wow that surely is something to munch on for a week!! Never knew that the Pope was so delicately, diligently, and critically following up the bees!!

But the analogy and lesson is worth learning! Thanks!

24/08/09 @ 13:04

Chris, here’s something specific from Fr Lens … how good honey is for your health:

Your health is important
1. acidity One spoonful of honey / the juice of one lemon / in a glass of lukewarm water / at least one hour before breakfast
2. constipation One spoonful of honey / the juice of one lemon / in a glass of lukewarm water / at least one hour before breakfast
3. cough and cold Honey with tulsi-leave juice (use frequently)
4. dehydration (after vomiting or diar-rhoea) Honey in tender coconut water
5. indigestion - gas trouble Honey with ginger
6. throat Honey and onion
7. tiredness (mental or physical) Stir 2 spoonfuls of honey in a big glass of hot water.
8. tonsillitis – ulcers in the mouth Gargle with honey and turmeric powder
9. weakness tonic Gooseberry and honey in equal quantity - keep in a tightly covered ceramic jar for at least two months.
10. wounds spread honey over the wound

25/08/09 @ 06:58
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