The thrill of being a human

by Castilino  

It has been long since that I'm trying to learn the art of bi-location; however am yet to master it. I guess till then I'll have to work it out 'alone'. There are times I envy the angels: no body, no time, no space, no boundaries... anytime, anywhere, anyhow! But there are times also when I pity them. I don't think they ever get to feel the thrill of chasing a train from the entrance of the railway station to the last platform or making it to an urgent meeting in the nick of time. The grace of getting stuck in traffic for four hours is exclusively of Hyderabadi people. I guess all this is possible precisely because we are human beings... mortal, limited, imperfect and finite.

I remember reading long ago in the book titled When bad things happen to good people (by Harold Kushner) the statement he makes referring to Homer's Odyssey: Calypso (the immortal sea nymph) envies Ulysses because he is a mortal. His life becomes meaningful, every decision significant, and life filled with real choices, precisely because his time is bound. So why rue over the fact that we are not capable and limited and small. It is precisely that we are so, that makes us special - that in spite of all these we do quite well. I guess it is a great and thrilling challenge to be a human; as angels I guess life will be quite boring with no worthy challenges at all!

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Hello, I’m going to email this to my associates. I came on this while searching on yahoo thanks for sharing.

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