Faith tested in suffering and failure

by Castilino  

During Mass this morning, as the Gospel was being read out, I was picturising the whole scene in my mind... the interesting interaction between Jesus and Martha. Knowing that Jesus was on his way to their house, Martha runs ahead to meet Jesus. Torn between the joy at being with Jesus and her sorrow at the loss of her brother, she 'complains' to Jesus that His absence was really felt. Surprisingly Jesus gives her a theological discourse at that moment of sorrow and anguish. But the depth of Martha's spirituality is seen when she responds saying, 'I believe that all will rise on the last day'. Surely one does not expect to come up with such answers when one is drowned in sorrow, unless, this knowledge has become an integral element of one's own life and spirituality. Martha had not only listened to Jesus' teaching but also savoured the principles which Jesus went about proclaiming.

In our times of hardship and extreme sorrow, do we remember and have place for the Lord? Perhaps if we do not, then our spirituality is as fleeting as the morning dew which disappears with the first rays of the sun. The depth of our faith can be gauged when we can convincingly profess the creed right in the thick of our sufferings and failures.

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Comment from: Abraham M. Antony
Abraham M. Antony

Another fine reflection. Thanks, Honeyman!

01/09/10 @ 08:12