A snake for Bread

by Castilino  

Most often when we ask God for something we expect it to be delivered as a a 'ready-to-use' package. We ask God to give us bread and we expect it good, fresh, sliced and tasty. But God is not so cheap a baker. He is God!! He gives us, each according to what He has already blessed us with, the necessary things in order to get bread. For some He may give a lump of dough, others wheat, some He may give the required money. I won't be shocked if God gives someone a snake (just as in the readings of today, Mt 7: 7-12). Perhaps God has already blessed him with the skill of being a snake-charmer and he uses his skill and the snake to earn money, so that he gets his bread!

God promises 'good things' to all humanity; not ready-made or ready-to-use things!

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