Altar Shifted...

by Castilino  

For the past few days the two of us here in the Seminary, due to the absence of any Priests here, have been attending Mass in the Parish Church. Not that there is a big attendance there everyday. All together we are just less than a dozen (including the Priest himself)! One of the regular participants is a small boy. He would be about 9 or 10. Added to that he is not really normal. But that said, he is very very lively. His eyes are so bright and one can evidently read his heart and mind from his mere looks. He usually sits right before the altar on the men's side. But those whom he comes with are all girls and they are on the other side of the aisle. Thus invariably his attention is divided between the altar and the other side.

Today there was a group which joined the Mass - a new group of families. I've never seen them here before... must have come for a pilgrimage. Among them were two blind men, being led about by two teenagers. This particular boy whom I mentioned earlier, today had more to watch than the Mass. Most of the time he was watching all around the congregation with a gaping mouth and being seated right before the altar, one could not but avoid looking at him. Looking at him, his expressions and his dancing eyes, I could clearly 'see' what was going on behind me.

When I started to write these few lines I wanted to write how distracted the boy was, because there was something more interesting than the Mass going on. That what was going on at the altar, he 'knew'. What was happening around, was something new, interesting and different. But now as I conclude, I realise, how distracted I was... instead of concentrating on the Mass, I was gladly 'distracted' by the boy!

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