A Revelation & an Acknowledgment

by Castilino  

Today was the first day of the opening session of the Provincial Chapter VIII (PC 8). Though termed as the preparatory session, it all the same is basically the same work. At the end of the day (or as per the time now, quite early the next day!) I find it - as always - amusing and interesting at the same time.

Let me begin with the most insightful and touching moment of the day. After two hours of discussion in groups, when the first group presented its synthesis of section on 'Mystics in the Spirit', the floor discussion made one point very very clear. It all began with the observation made by a confrere, that there was hardly anything related to the spiritual or the mystical dimension in the whole section! The culmination was when another stated (and all agreed, without any pretensions) that we Salesians are not seen as men of God by others and, we do not find ourselves to be men of God!

Well therefore, we already have a concrete and very 'radical' mission: Become Holy! Be Men of God!

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