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Love for the Pope

by Castilino  

Here's one of Fr Lens' contribution in the light of celebrating the feast of Pope Pius X: Don Bosco who knew how to present the Pope in a nice light, even when the Pope, Pius IX, had been made very unpopular, when anti-clericals spoke of him as the… more »

Convergence of energies

by Castilino  

In India we, the Salesians, are ranked second only to the Government in running technical schools in the whole of the country. This is a recognized fact and much has been achieved over the last couple of years. However, things can be much better. With… more »

Vocation promotion and foundation

by Castilino  

One of the points that came up yesterday for discussion was the vocation recruitment strategy. While Fr TV truly said that youngsters look for something challenging and that is what draws them to the Salesian way of life. But I expressed my doubts...… more »

Formation insights

by Castilino  

The joint meeting that we had of the Youth Pastoral and Formation commissions, this whole day was quite an enriching experience. Besides the normal ingredients of a meeting, some sharp and 'out of the box' thinking, made the sitting very exciting. Here… more »


by Castilino  

In the Indian tradition, the naming of a new born child is a special and solemn ceremony. For the name implies much more than a family - it gives identity to the person. Similarly, my first posting on this blog would be to speak something about the name… more »

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