Always first step - SHARE FAITH!

Always first step - SHARE FAITH!

Initial proclamation of the GOSPEL - Primo annuncio di Gesu' Cristo!


First step on any journey is the most important.

If you dont' start, there is no second step.

It needs deeper faith - trust and courage, which is coming from a deeper experience of Jesus.

Before flying to India, I would like to share the Mother Teresa deepest experience of contemplating her whole life about the JESUS's WORDS on the CROSS ' I THIRST'...




My Dearest Children – Sisters, Brothers and Fathers,

This letter being very personal, I wanted to write in my own hand – but there are so many things to say. Even if not in Mother’s hand, still it comes from Mother’s heart.

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What is the initial proclamation (East Asia)?

What is the initial proclamation (East Asia)?

An Overview on the Topic of the Study Days

Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB

Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Redemptoris Missio insists that initial proclamation “is the permanent priority of mission” and that it “has a central and irreplaceable role” in the Church’s mission because “all forms of missionary activity are directed to this proclamation.”[12] Thus, during this six year period the SDB Missions Department and the FMA Sector of Mission inter/ad gentes had chosen to foster a deeper reflection regarding initial proclamation through the Study Days in the different regions of our Congregations.

This choice turned out to be providential and extremely relevant: in April 2010, the Rector Major invited Salesians to reflect on “the need for an initial proclamation or a renewed proclamation of the Gospel” so that our youth ministry becomes more missionary.[13]

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Initial Proclamation of Jesus Christ - Primo Annuncio di Gesu Cristo

Initial Proclamation of Jesus Christ - Primo Annuncio di Gesu Cristo

Thanks to God for the six regional - continental MISSION STUDY DAYS in the sessenium 2008 - 2014
of the Salesians of Don Bosco about INITIAL PROCLAMATION OF JESUS CHRIST.

From Europe to South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, Africa and finally to America. Three years of hard work of the organizers, participants - Salesians of Don Bosco, FMA Sisters, Salesian Cooperators, VDB, Past Pupils and some other religious of the Salesian Family.

Through this BLOG we would like to share the rich contents of:

Experience sharing
Operative action guidelines

which emerged from those Study Days in all eight Salesian Regions around the world.

The rich materials were already published in different languages (Editrice SDB, Roma) in paper copy and are still available for those who need some of them (

Mary, Mother of the Church,
we give you thanks for your ‘Yes’ to God and for your journey of faith
as first disciple and missionary of Jesus.

We want to live in communion with all the disciples of your Son Jesus,
together with the pilgrim Church
in order to bring the Gospel to all.

Mary, inspire us with the courage to talk
about the world to Jesus and about Jesus to the world!

Help us, O Mother to follow Don Bosco, a tireless storyteller,
in order to share with humility, patience and courage
the experience of our personal encounter with Jesus
in our communities, among the young and with every one we meet.